Rural water treatment

(village small town or community scale)

Clean drinking water for rural population is normally provided from the water treatment plants, which get the raw water from dams or water pumped from rivers. Still many rural areas particularly remote villages in developing countries are still without water from these sources because of the remoteness of their locations or because it is not economical to provide these villages with the treated water since village population is too small or location is difficult to reach with traditional water supply/disinfection infrastructure.

However, there's water everywhere near or in the villages itself either from the river sources or from the tube well. All what is needed is to treat this water and provide it to the villages concerned using a system that is reliable and economical. Envirolyte Industries International Ltd. in cooperation with its partners has experienced in rural water disinfection system that can meet the above requirements effectively and overcome limitations associated with traditional technologies.

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Detailed briefing and live demo for Govt’ officials and engineering, in semi jungle remote village in Sarawak, East Malaysia. This Envirolyte machine has been treating water from a mountain stream very reliably, to a high standard meeting and surpassing WHO standards.

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