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Hydro-Flo Queensland and it’s proprietors

With 30 years in Environmental Protection, process sealing in conventional Chemical, Petrochemical processing, all incorporating or requiring water and wastewater treatment production. Critical VOC containment.

Our main aim now is to utilise adapted ,innovative, technology, which we have extensively researched and commercialised, in the Asia and Oceania regions, to progress all these industries in an Ecologically and Economically efficient manner. We have proven able to remove or reduce as many Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, from Natural food and medication applications, that sustain and improve biology, profitably, and without leaving a toxic footprint as our legacy.

Hydro-Flo Qld. Pty. Ltd. Envirolyte Corporate entity, Are very pleased and proud to celebrate in 2017, 25 YEARS ,Continuous and professional service to Industry.

our Mission Statement

Envirolyte Asia Pacific commits to avail a wide range of Industries,with a technology , introduced to and partnering directly with producers and community health care and food security bodies.

Our ambition is to provide this as directly as possible to minimise middle man margins , maximising investment benefits, partnering with Industry to disseminate the technology and resultant qualities.. Such organic resource affords us to collaborate and extend these benefits through partnering with Academia, Science and regulators to validate our outcomes with optimal return to the community.

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