USDA-NOP Organic Approval NOP-PM-15-4 Electrolysed Water


Assure Quality Assessed
Ref #H2610 valid to 23/4/2019

For Food/beverage/dairy/factory for food contact surfaces (indirect contact) and Potable process/bottled water and food rinse water (including Farm Dairies ) all assessments suited to FSANZ compliance



Electrolysed Water, courtesy of WIKIPEDIA, is a generic term for our technology, fully explored and cross referenced, known by many other generic terms,
(see the Wikipedia description here.)

Envirolyte Asia Pacific is based in Beenleigh, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, on Australia's east coast. This region is internationally renowned for its pristine environment and ecological diversity. Strategically, the office is ideally located to direct and coordinate the Envirolyte Asia Pacific business.

The Asia Pacific region has enormous potential to utilise Envirolyte technology. The expanding population and business development require increasing safe and sustainable production. Improving quality of life and combating the plethora of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, utilising current chemical agents, is threatening our future. Utilising Envirolyte technology, derived from nature, is our best opportunity to maintain our lifestyle and improve the environment.

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general usage

Naturally organic, nature is our consultant

  • Food/Fodder, Safety/Preservation (Increase shelf life. Reduce Spoilage)
  • Replacement/Reduction of Chemicals and Pharma in Food Chain
  • Agricultural Cropping Improved Production and Quality
  • Animal Husbandry, Health and Welfare, Protein Production Enhancement
  • Potable/Waste Water. Pre-treatment. Re-use, Compliance (Odour, Oxidation of residual chemicals, Mycotoxins and process by-products or off-gases)
  • Floriculture/Mushroom (Production and Growing Media Sterilsation. Improved Crop and Increased Appeal.

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